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2019 Beyond The Fork | Spring Edition

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2020 Beyond the Fork | Spring Edition

Summary Results

Standing out is just one of the significant elements of personal branding. Within many fields, name-recognition goes a long way towards establishing authority and credibility. Your followers, clients, prospective employers, and the rest of the world will get to know you based on what you bring to the table. The development of your platform will scale with the work you do, and as the amount of projects you work on grows, you’ll be able to scale your platform to suit.

As your brand grows and you gain more visibility, it’s likely that you will attract more and more clients who actively seek you out based on your reputation alone. Personal branding puts your name into the world and allows potential clients to get to know you and your work before they approach you. Many entrepreneurs underprice themselves because they’re unknown. Getting a well-paid job requires you to be able to demonstrate your skills, and personal branding, along with a consistently updated platform, allows you to showcase your work uniquely.