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Aspiring Chef
Class Of:
Home Town:
St. Ignace

Personal Experience

With both of Will’s parents serving in the military, he is attending LCCS through the Post-9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act. Will has worked on the St. Ignace ferries and as a caretaker for a disabled person. He is a talented singer and loves to play Dungeons and Dragons, but most of all he has a talent and passion for cooking. In his own words, “As a super taste tester, which I didn’t know until coming here, I think my palate is leading me to become a professional chef. For instance, my potato leek soup with lots and lots of dill! I am very grateful for how inclusive the program is and how accommodating the staff are. When I started, I was extremely nervous, wondering if I would fit in, but the teachers have been very reassuring and helpful, and they know exactly what they are doing. I think I want to run a restaurant serving fusion cuisine or maybe manage a high-end one.”

Early Years

Receptions, cocktail parties, private dinners, openings, weddings… Benoit will custom-design a unique menu for your event, in a decor created especially for the occasion by professionals.

Together with his team Benoit will make this a memorable occasion, whether in a private villa, on board a yacht or in an unusual setting.

Professional Skills